Shroud Makes Vegas Rock Revolution's Top 50 of 2018

Vegas Rock Revolution included “Shroud” as one of their Top 50 albums of 2018. In fact, we tied at #28 with our good friends in Forming the Void (if you have not checked out their album “Rift” yet, do it now).

From VRR:

“Space Metal is part of a tie both from down in Louisiana. Very different bands from each other . This band has something going on here. At times hard to pinpoint other than a vocals sounds like a cross a bastard child of Wino- Ozzy and some European vocalist. Songs are well done and creative with strong power riffs interplaying with the other guitar. Musically wanders some in a spacey way at times. SO good.”

You can check out some great music on VRR’s Spotify playlist of the Top 50 of 2018.