La Planète du Stoner Rock Puts Shroud at #3

La Planète du Stoner Rock put out their Top 20 albums of 2018. We were psyched to see Shroud land at #3. Here is a google translate (so please excuse any awkward or incorrect translations) of the review:

"#3. Space Metal - Shroud: I will not do it, but their name does not do justice to the immense qualities of their Stoner-Metal. This quintet emerged from slime mud from Mississippi to New Orleans. They are the heavy fighters of this post-Katrina city. Their precise tone, their melodic rigor, the ferocity of the guitars, and the sarcastic tone of their singer make it one of the best bands of the moment. You have to have an ear on 'Forest Of Faith' to understand that these five know knead the soul with an electric guitar, but also the words. The text is beautiful”.

Thank you Julien Deleglise and La Planete du Stoner Rock for the love from France!