Doomed & Stoned Gives Shroud a shout out!

Thanks to Billy Goat at Doomed and Stoned for featuring us:

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If you want to a recommendation for a good, solid, hard rocking album with a downtuned doom edge, you need SPACE METAL in your life. The NOLA heavies have one foot in doomed, the other foot in stoned. This is the first time I've seen this music video (Shroud), so I was excited to discover it, even though I've been jamming their excelling album 'Shroud' (2018) since September. Here's the title track, which successfully mingled trad doom with Louisiana swampy for a concoction too fine to turn down. 

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Billy also wrote this in a separate post on his personal page that was too good not to share:

I don't know about my fellow bloggers and album reviewers, but last year was SO packed with so MANY good releases, it really didn't give me time to soak in some of the lesser known entries. NOLA heavy rocking doomers Space Metal is not exactly new, but I suspect they aren't as widely known as they should be. 

If you're among those wondering, "Who??" give a listen to "New Blood" from their sophomore record 'Shroud' (2018). Imagine hearing a show where the opening band played THIS just as you were walking in (feeling, perhaps, that the opening band would be safe to miss). One, you'd be immediately and irresistibly banging your head and, two, you'd asking people on your left and right, "Who ARE these guys?"