Outlaws of the Sun review Shroud

Steve Howe of Outlaws of the Sun (and formerly Sludgelord) gave Shroud a great review. Thanks Steve!

SpaceMetal return with their new album Shroud and as the album cover and title suggests this is a heavier affair than their debut album. It seems the band have taken influence from bands such as Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains especially in the lyrics department. The album is quite dark and complex with the band offering a different vision compared to their debut album.

Opening song - Shroud - is a gloomy Doom/Stoner Metal song that captures the bleak mood within the SpaceMetal camp. Heavy guitars have a slight classic heavy metal feel when merged with the modern sounding Stoner Metal riffs. The vocals whilst constantly engaging take some time to fully gel with the music. The song-writing is direct with the music being the main strength of the entire album. The opening song is a good indication on what to expect on the rest of the album as SpaceMetal never lose sight of their bleak surroundings.

Maybe SpaceMetal could have changed the overall sound of certain parts of the album. As it can sound too similar at times. That's my only complaint about the album with Shroud is that it doesn't take enough risks. However SpaceMetal have still crafted a huge sounding album that moves from classic Doom Metal to modern sounding Stoner Metal with relevant ease. Other standout songs include - Birthright Baby, Forest Of Faith, Unifer and New Blood. These songs are where SpaceMetal feel the most comfortable on the album and perhaps the heaviest moments on the album.

If you're looking for a classic sounding Doom Metal album that has gloomy thrills and spills galore then you can't go wrong with SpaceMetal and this hugely entertaining album. If you're a fan of the bands previous album then you will be pleased to hear the band have still managed to include a high amount of psychedelic rock/metal guitar solos that leave you wanting more.

The album is superbly produced. Nothing feels overdone and the album flows naturally well. Shroud is another winning entry from SpaceMetal and should no doubt impress their established fan base whilst attracting new fans along the way as well. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe