Metal Nexus Review

Review from Metal Nexus on July 17, 2015.

The band SpaceMetal have released their debut album and it is pretty far out. After getting an earful of what they have to offer you may think they are from a planet far far away. However, they are indeed from planet earth and yet another product to come from the great state of Louisiana. The self titled debut has some space themed lyrics but the song that first garnered my attention was “Witness to the Witch”. The song with very meaningful earthbound lyrics can connect with most anyone. It’s one of those songs that make you want to take a long drive. They really champion the retro rock sound, with a dash of doom mixed in as well. The riffs come tearing at you in warp speed. It sounds like the band was locked into a time capsule in 1973 and is just now being opened. The retro sound has been making a huge comeback with lots of bands, but the sound Spacemetal achieve is really what everyone is after. The album was recorded in a 1970s analog recording studio, so that can be attributed to the sound somewhat. Singer Travis Acosta has this attention grabbing voice, it keeps lingering in your ear and the melodies are suddenly rolling off your tongue and before you realize it you are singing along. The guitar players John Maracichin and Chris Trentecosta are bound to have bloody fingers by the way the riffs ring out through this album. “The Millipede” starts out with this dominating doom stomp type sound and then the guitars chime in and take over. It has all the ingredients for a classic rock song. Of course the guitars and vocals are up front but the songs would sound completely incomplete without the backbeat of the bass and drums. In songs like “Terra Cat” the drummer Chris Kain is the most integral part of what makes the song have this pace setting groove. The bass lines aren’t without notice either, those thick low tones laid down by Rob Norton help the guitar work stand out even more.

Spacemetal is a band that could and should become a household name. The debut album is independently released and I’m sure they will soon be having labels beating down their doors. There is a demand for the great tunes they provide and hopefully we will be able to see them out on the road soon as they will be gathering fans all over this planet and others as well. The album was released April 2nd and while we wish we had heard it sooner we are now wishing they will go into hyper speed and have another album completed soon. You can pick up this album for $6 from the bandcamp page they have set up. The album is a through and through album that has a tremendous re-listen value, pick it up today.


The Sludgelord CD Review

Space Metal was featured on The Sludgelord with a review from Steve Howe, and made the Sour 16 list for May 2015. 

Some quotes from the review:

"Space Metal combine Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom and a nice sideline in Sci-fi folklore. It's a very different album compared to the other Stoner Metal albums currently out there."

"Space Metal have delivered a stunning debut album to get them noticed within the Doom/Stoner Metal community."

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Metal-Temple - May 2, 2015

in 10 years, this band could be mentioned alongside the New Orleans greats before them.

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA), the rookie doom metal outfit, SPACEMETAL, is one of the best new bands that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in quite some time, and seems to be on their way to following in the footsteps of some of the most influential Heavy Metal Heavyweights that call “The Big Easy”, home. Most importantly, these guys have, remained true to the ancestry and deep-rooted heritage of the “Louisiana Sound”, (or Sludge Metal, as most refer to it these days); the ever-popular sub-genre originated by EXHORDERin the late 80’s, and carried on by the likes of other NOLA bands DOWNEYEHATEGOD, andCROWBAR, to name just a few.

Consisting of Travis Acosta (Vocals), Chris Trentecosta (Guitar), John Maracich (Guitar), Robert Norton (Bass), and Chris Kain (Drums), SPACEMETAL possess limitless headliner potential, which should put them squarely on the radar of every doom metal fan searching for the next “can’t miss” band. On their debut album, a strong presence of early hometown influences are blended perfectly with their fresh originality, creating their own uniquely tight and polished doom sound, while at the same time, keeping the inherited thickness of old school sludge, front and center. I would describe their sound as Cosmic Sludge; a mixture of BLACK SABBATH’s heaviness, the galloping groove of CLUTCH and MONSTER MAGNET, and some progressive elements ofRUSH; put all of this together with great songwriting, and you’ve got one hell of a sound. All of the classic doom essentials are accounted for; down-tuned, chunky guitars, eclectic lyrical patterns, and of course, tempo variations, but where this album shines, is the progressive nuances melded into their music. Having the talent to evolve “The Louisiana Sound” is an attribute that each legendary NOLA band has possessed; staying true to the innovation of the genre, putting their own stamp on it, and keeping it relevant in their own era of Metal.

Because New Orleans is recognized as being the birthplace of the Sludge Metal genre, SPACEMETAL have history and geographical location on their side, to go along with their immense talent, and should be the next in line to carry on this trademark sound. With the right management team around them, the sky’s the limit, and you never know, in 10 years, this band could be mentioned alongside some the New Orleans greats before them. If you’re a fan of Doom Metal, this is a must buy.